Changelog - Alpha test update 3


TimeWatch Update now live on Steam! Build 1.605.65295

We’re happy to share an update to the current Alpha of TimeWatch!

This update mainly attempts to fix the issues some people have been experiencing with matchmaking and/or loading, and carries additional changes / improvements throughout the game.

The team especially wants to thank Discord users Thekhumi, Cucsijuan, GeyserGod, mets11rap and TCReaper for sending us their logs and helping us pinpoint many server issues!

We’ve tested the matchmaking / loading bugs as best as we could but the real test happens with the actual servers, so please let us know if you’re still experiencing issues with the “Match Found” status.


English changelog

Servers & Matchmaking

  • Fixed many cases where the loading screen would get stuck over gameplay
  • Fixed some cases which resulted in non-starting matches
  • Fixed matchmaking tickets timing out after 5 minutes
  • Improved reactivity of “Match Found” status

Bugs & Fixes

  • Improved the stability of physics objects (barricades)
  • Overhauled the detection & damage code for explosions (barrels & grenades)
  • Prevented characters from becoming invisible in certain circumstances
  • Prevented cases where the camera may not return to the correct “first person” position when posessing a clone


  • Made the on-screen feedback much more obvious when the active clone is killed
  • Fixed the bullet origin point to the centre of the camera
  • The level changes its color so that the current local player is always on the “blue” side
  • Changes in grenade launcher mechanic: the grenade now explodes after a fixed fuse time. This currently works as a temporary hard nerf of the grenade launcher (sorry for grenade users out there!), but don’t worry we will reinstate its previous fuse mechanic in due time.
  • Improved the interpolation of projectiles, especially in slow motion.

UI / Menus

  • Improved the “Custom Match” friend invite flow
  • Added the capacity to change basic gameplay settings when building a Custom Match


Changelog en español

Servers & Matchmaking

  • Mejora de los casos de “loading” infinito
  • Mejora de los casos de “Match Found” infinito
  • Mejora de tickets de matchmaking que expiraban luego de 5 minutos
  • Mejora en la reactividad del estado “Match Found”

Bugs & Fixes

  • Mejora en la estabilidad de los objetos físicos (barricadas)
  • Revisión de la lógica de daño y detección para explosiones
  • Arreglo de casos en los que el clon podía jugar siendo invisible
  • Arreglo de casos en los que la cámara no volvía correctamente al cuerpo del jugador


  • El feedback de la muerte del clon activo es ahora más obvio
  • El punto de origen de las balas es ahora identico al crosshair
  • El nivel cambia de color para que el jugador local siempre juegue del lado azul
  • Cambios en el Lanzagranadas: la granada explota ahora despues de un tiempo fijo si no colisiona con un enemigo. Esto previene tirar una bomba en el spawn y la dominancia de esa arma en algunas estrategias, la contrapartida es que en efecto la granada está fuertemente nerfeada hasta nuevo aviso.
  • Mejora en la interpolación y precisión de proyectiles

UI / Menus

  • Mejora en el flow de “Invite Friend” para el custom match
  • Ahora es posible cambiar algunos parámetros de las partidas custom.

In addition to these changes, there are many new exciting features brewing in our repositories, but which are still a bit too experimental to share :wink: