New Member Introduction topic!


Hello! :wave:

Welcome to the community. Introduce yourself and join the discussion!



I’m Balthazar Auger, game designer at NGD Studios and currently working on TimeWatch (duh!).

Obviously I’m super into nerdy time travel stuff, and I’m thrilled to be here!


I’m Eiahn. By trade, I work with special needs individuals.
In my free time I am also a writer, a content manager for an online Magazine and an avid gamer.
I have always been a dreamer at heart so, my head is more often then not in the clouds. It is hard for me to focus on one game, so I often end up feeling I am all over the place but not really anywhere either lol, if that even makes sense.

I really like what I have seen so far of this game and I am looking forward to see it grow.


Hi there!,

I’m Alejandro Celentano, game designer at AleFilms ;).

I like to see and try new stuff. What time do you usually play?
I’m eager to give it a shot!.


My name is Chilko, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at NGD Studios. I am very excited to be helping the Timewatch team on such a unique concept. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your feedback people!

@armakgedon We are organizing a play test on Friday 27th at 5 pm Buenos Aires time (GMT-3).


Hi I’m Nick. I’m a metropolitan university student with a diverse interest in video gaming. I’m curious to see how TimeWatch evolves.


Hullo, my passions are soccer, travelling and photography. I am shy so I do not talk much outside of pms, but I usually read a lot and love learning about everything, on the odd occasion I do talk, it’s ideas or questions. :bat:


Hi everyone, I’m Daft Rebel, graphic designer, filmmaker, starting my ninja path on game Project Management. BUT I’M HERE TO PLAY, so reach me anytime to settle up some matches!


Hello readers of this thread, I am (x)Daan(n),
I am interested in a lot of things, some are related to tech stuff, others not.
Can’t wait to see this game grow!



I’m Laureano, I was a helper back in 2015 for server RA (Champions of Regnum, of course).
For personal reasons I had to leave my duty but I’m back to try this new game and hopefully grow with it.

I’m looking forward to see what’s coming. I truly love being involved in a game since the beginning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


¡Hola a todos!

Mi nombre es Laureano y en 2015 fui parte del equipo de Helpers en el servidor RA de Champions of Regnum. Por motivos personales tuve que dejar mis tareas pero estoy de regreso para probar este nuevo juego y con suerte ser testigo y partícipe de su crecimiento.

Me emociona lo que esté por venir porque ser parte de la comunidad de un juego desde sus inicios es algo que me encanta. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi everyone, my name is emiliano, i’m from argentina, i just heard about this game, i usually play csgo, quake and other shooters , i’m so excited to play it and give some feedback
talk to me if you want to play :wink:


Hi, my name is Iver. I am from Norway. I saw the game at and i thought that I would give it a shot. I like FPS games and open-world games like CS:GO, The Crew 2, GTA5, Apex Legends etc.