Welcome to the Official TimeWatch Forums


TimeWatch: Quantum Shooter Arena is a time-bending multiplayer paradoxical shooter currently in development by NGD Studios.

In order to bring this truly innovative FPS, we need to do it with the help of the community of players around the game. This forum is critical to that purpose.

Here you will be able to:

  • Talk openly about the game in general
  • Give us honest and constructive feedback
  • Organize and plan matches and tournaments
  • Get to know fellow TimeWatch players, building up a community together

As the community grows and develops, we will be updating this post with specific rules and guidelines, and other useful links.

For now please follow these basic principles:

  • This forum will be moderated. No bullying or any kind of harassment will be tolerated.
  • Trolling and Spamming is also forbidden.
  • Please just be nice!

Be sure to check our Forum Guidelines for more information.