What do you guys think about adding Crouching :D


I think crouching is a pretty standard and cool thing to add to the game! although with its limitations of course, like make it take a small amount of time to crouch like a crouching animation so people don’t spam it or anything. also making movement speeds slower when crouching, cross-hairs smaller, footsteps more quiet, etc. if it gets added what else do you guys think should be added or changed with crouching?


Hey there! Crouching is definitely going to be added at some point, although I can’t yet be sure of when.

In its most basic form, it will at least allow you to reduce your size / lower your head to take better cover behind barricades, at the cost of movement speed.

We are also looking into making it so that it affects the precision and recoil of weapons, but since the Focus zoom is already doing something like that I don’t know if it will be confusing to have both…

What do you think?